Avatar 3: Game of Thrones Alum Cast as Leader of the ‘Ash People’

Avatar 3: Game of Thrones Alum Cast as Leader of the ‘Ash People’

The last big role that Oona Chaplin has was Talisa Stark from Game of Thrones way back in Season 3, but the actress has just landed a role in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

As per Empire (via @westerosies), Chaplin has been cast in James Cameron’s Avatar 3. Chaplin is said to be playing the leader of the ‘Ash People’ a race of Na’vi that has been described to be aggressive, and they reside in the volcanoes of Pandora.

With The Way of Water introducing us to an aquatic race of Na’vi that are also in tuned with nature, Cameron has teased that the Ash People are not as peaceful as the other natives that populate the island. Cameron had also teased that maybe this time, we’ll actually see the darker side of the Pandora locals.

With the Ash People said to be attuned to the fire, I have a feeling that they could be willing to side with the humans, what with their access to all kinds of technology. In fantasy, fiery races—usually dwarves—are known to use their fire source to craft tools and advance their instruments better than the people who don’t like to bother the nature (i.e., elves). Maybe in Avatar 3, we’ll finally see a race of Na’vi that are willing to give up the nature of the planet in order to harness more power for themselves—just like the humans.

Who knows, maybe the sequel will also give us some more humans who would actually be on the side of nature. We know that a lot of the scientist characters have a respect for the things they’re studying; maybe we could see the optimistic side of some humans as well.

Avatar 3 is set to release in theaters on Dec. 20, 2024.


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