Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored for Villain Role in Fantastic Four

Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored for Villain Role in Fantastic Four

Anya Taylor-Joy had been cast as Magik in the New Mutants movie, but since that franchise has been effectively cancelled, she has nothing incoming on her slate when it comes to Marvel projects—or does she?

As per insider DanielRPK (via @HollywoodHandle), Taylor-Joy is apparently being eyed to play a villain in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot which is rumored to start shooting in July.

We don’t have any details on who Joy could be playing, but seeing as a lot of people who actually saw New Mutants loved her as Magik, there is a chance that Marvel could want to keep her onboard on the mutant side of things—especially now that they’ve crossed over to that alternate dimension with The Marvels.

Some fans actually suspect that she could be cast as the Silver Surfer, who is being rumored to be genderbent in the MCU as a woman this time. Then again, Galactus had several heralds, one of which is Ardina, who was said to be a feminine version of the Silver Surfer. Even the Dazzler had been imbued with the Power Cosmic at some point and I wouldn’t mind Taylor-Joy taking on that role.

If anything, Taylor-Joy has become one of the most sought-after talents today, from projects like Queen’s Gambit and The Menu; if Marvel manages to land her, I’m just crossing my fingers they don’t waster her talent for some forgettable side character from the comics.

Fantastic Four is expected to release on May 2, 2025.


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