Angry Christian Reviews are Being Used to Promote Sydney Sweeney’s Immaculate

Angry Christian Reviews are Being Used to Promote Sydney Sweeney’s Immaculate

The moment a movie decides to have a subject matter close to Christianity, there’s always a chance that some angry believers are going to be bashing it online. They did it with The Da Vinci Code, and now they’re doing it with Immaculate starring Sydney Sweney.

With the movie out now—and gathering some very angry reviews from Christians—the Immaculate PR team has decided to embrace the hate and it has somehow became the perfect way to market the film. Check this out:

Even the studio Neon is getting in on the trand reposting this quote:

Libs saw how the anti-woke crowd embraced Sydney Sweeney as their new darling and right away had to shove he in this blasphemous, Satanic, feminist, pro-abortion, anti-life movie degrading Christians! The movie also debases Mary, Mother of Christ!”

You have to hand it to Sweeney. After being one of the standout cast members of Euphoria, she’s managed to appear in some Twitter-famous films such as Anyone But You, Madame Web, and now Immaculate.

It’s even more amazing when you consider that she’s also started being attached to the films as a producer, and she personally got Immaculate through the finish line.

We don’t know how the movie is going to end its theaterical run, but this strategy of using angry Christian reviews is definitley getting the attention of cinephiles online who like it when movies stick it to the status quo.

Immaculate starring Sydney Sweeney is now playing n theaters.


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