7 Things We’re Expecting to See at E3 2016

7 Things We’re Expecting to See at E3 2016

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7. A Surprise from Microsoft

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Details of Microsoft’s show have proved more elusive than for the other exhibitors, so it’s unclear what we can expect to rival Sony’s offerings. However, the official E3 website indicates that Microsoft’s presentation will feature a virtual reality component, and rumours have suggested that they will be announcing full compatibility between the Xbox One and Oculus Rift.

Much like Sony, Microsoft is also rumoured to be announcing an upgraded version of the Xbox One, codenamed “Scorpio,” though information on this is scarce. In terms of games, we might see a new Forza game revealed, and a new Battletoads game has been rumoured. However, with Microsoft still having a lot of ground to cover in the console war, we have to hope that they have something big up their sleeve. Only time will tell.

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