A ‘Booster Gold’ Could Be Film in the Works

A ‘Booster Gold’ Could Be Film in the Works

Apparently, the Booster Gold movie is still a go at Warner Bros. and the studio has allegedly tapped mystical master Zack Stentz to write the screenplay. While the name may not be instantly recognizable, his work certainly is. The man has writing credits on Thor, a few episodes of Fringe, the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, and he recently wrote The Flash’s fantastic Speed Force episode The Runaway Dinosaur. Speaking of The Flash, and the Arrowverse in general, Greg Berlanti is rumored to produce the film.

Stentz appeared on the latest episode of Fat Man on Batman, alongside Kevin Smith who directed the aforementioned The Flash episode, and Marc Bernardin. At the top of the podcast, Smith asked the writer how he came to be involved with the show, Stentz vaguely alluded to a film he and Berlanti had been working on.

“Interestingly, enough I was working with Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Sarah Schechter, the amazing trio that make that amazing machine run. And we were working on a different project that I’m probably not allowed to talk about…”

Smith cuts in, telling his film crew to cut to a “two-shot” of him and Marc with the largest smiles on their faces, proclaiming, “we know what it is,” he says. “We can’t tell you.”

“It’s awesome!” Marc adds with an exciting whisper.


[youtube id=”_pJOSCe7oOw”]

The question about The Flash and the secret project begins at the 5:00 timestamp.


At the end of the podcast cast they mention it again (47:00 timestamp), with Stentz saying, “I’ve got a script to write.” Great! So what on Earth, 1 or 2, does that mean? How does this possibly connect to the 25th century time-traveling superhero? Well, a couple of round about ways…

The Tracking Board (via Cleats and Capes) reported Berlanti and Schechter were tied to a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle buddy film, last fall. This rumor was never confirmed or denied by either party or WB, but the timeline would certainly make sense. If Stentz was also involved with this alleged project, than his being asked to write on a Flash episode syncs perfectly, as it would have been just months prior to the airing of his scripted The Runaway Dinosaur episode.

For now, this should probably be taken with a grain of salt. But the coincidence present should not be overlooked. With Warner Bros. recently restructuring their DCEU film slate to add in two untitled DC movies, it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume one of those dates could possibly be Booster Gold related. The studio moved dates again, which pushed Green Lantern Corps back a month from its original release date, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly they have planned in the pipeline.


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