Zack Snyder and WB Reportedly at Odds

Zack Snyder and WB Reportedly at Odds

For the love of Batman, what on infinite Earths is going on at Warner Bros. with the DCEUThe Flash director, Seth Grahame-Smith, is ducking out because of unspecified “creative differences,” James Wan may or may not be leaving Aquaman, and now Snyder and WB are butting heads over Justice League and the rest of the movie universe. Ladies and gentlemen, this news has all hit in the span of roughly 24 hours. Is there a crisis in the DCEU? Rumors, unfortunately, suggest so.

A report from Birth.Movies.Death claims multiple sources have confirmed Zack Snyder and WB are at odds. Why? The director and DC CCO Geoff Johns were astonished at the negative response to Batman v Superman. With those reactions in mind, Warner Bros. is not too happy with the direction Justice League is heading. Incredibly disappointed fans launched an effort to have Snyder booted out, but with Justice League: Part One filming just weeks after BvS’ release, even WB could only do so much. That so much did not, and may not, include getting rid of Snyder, lest it significantly alter their film slate and push back plans years in the making.


WB Zack Snyder and Superman on BvS set


These disturbances among the creative teams must culminate somewhere. According to BMD, it’s resulted in “lots of fights between Snyder and the WB execs, and lots of pressure from Burbank on Snyder, who is shooting in London.” The question now is what does this mean going forward? How does the studio bounce back from possibly losing two directors, one who is in extraordinarily good graces with audiences, and not being on the same creative wave length with the man in charge of it all? This very well could mark a crisis for the DCEU, before it has even had a chance to get a solid start.

For now, in the words of the Assassins Order, “nothing is true, everything is permitted.” What could be permitted is a restructuring of this still incipient cinematic universe; however, it needs to be reiterated that Snyder has his fingerprints all over this thing. Just as The Flash solo will be keeping its former director’s script, unless WB is willing to start over, Snyder’s larger plans will probably still be in place even if he isn’t at the helm. Only time will tell how well any of this works out, but right now, things are not looking good. This likely won’t mark the end of the DCEU, but sadly, you can still see it from here.


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