YouTube’s New SnoopaVision Feature (Beta)

YouTube’s New SnoopaVision Feature (Beta)

What do you think of when you hear Snoop Dogg’s name? One of West Coast’s finest, Gin & Juice, Cannibus (the drug, not the rapper)? This…?

[youtube id=”tNfx325Nw78″]

YouTube’s changing that. Giving Snoop yet another opportunity to flex his creative muscles, the internet giant has brought in one of the fathers of gangsta rap in an effort to change the way in which we all consume video content. No longer is he coming up with “funky ass hits like every single day,” now he’s all about coming up with “ground breaking ideas like every single day.”


If you thought Snoop Lion was the Dogg’s most brilliant idea, you were sadly mistaken. Check out the SnoopaVision Beta clip above and get ready to have your video consumption changed for the better.


Image and Hilarity Courtesy of YouTube


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