‘Wonder Woman’ Director Says Movie is “Superman Meets Casablanca”

‘Wonder Woman’ Director Says Movie is “Superman Meets Casablanca”

There is a lot riding on Woman Woman. After the previous three movies in the DC Extended Universe received cold critical receptions, superhero fans everywhere are hoping that the Maid of Might’s first solo movie outing will set the nascent franchise on track. The film’s director Patty Jenkin has high hopes for the movie, at least, as she has some lofty inspirations.

Here’s what she said in an interview with Den of Geek:

“I ended up being very ‘Superman meets Casablanca.’ It came up a lot, and Indiana Jones. It was those three films where I was like, ‘It’s a classic film. We are making a classic film.’ We care about humor, we care about epic, we care about heroism, we care about arc and story, and make it elegant. Go for it, don’t hold back and be more interesting with ‘shazang!’ Just try for that pocket all the time.

It was really those three films with the kind of war hero, who Steve Trevor is: Indiana Jones or Rick from Casablanca meets Wonder Woman? It’s like, I’m in for that story, and that’s a great Steve Trevor. So that was sort of our way of doing it.”

Well, colour us intrigued! A blend of the hopeful tone of Richard Donner Superman, the thrilling action/adventure of Indiana Jones and the period romance of Casablanca sounds like an amazing movie to us. Let’s hope that Jenkin can deliver on that promise.

So, assuming that Wonder Woman does well enough to earn a sequel, will Jenkin stay on for more movies? Sounds like that is definitely the plan. Here’s what the director had to say to Screenrant:

“[There are] many, many things I can’t wait to do with [Wonder Woman]. She’s got a lot of shades that I really really like. I think whatever we get to do with her in the future, the great thing is this is the way to start.”

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Ewan Bremmer, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston and David Thewlis. The movie lands in Man’s World on 2nd June.

Image via DC/Warner Bros. 


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