Wonder Woman Screenwriter Makes Sequel Possibility Questionable

Wonder Woman Screenwriter Makes Sequel Possibility Questionable

Wonder Woman is no doubt one of DC’s largest franchises besides Batman, Superman, and comparatively newer favorite Harley Quinn. However, unlike Wonder Woman, the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel have already appeared in multiple solo films and will continue to do so. It is not unreasonable to assume Harley might also get her own solo film given the current level of her popularity and Margot Robbie’s having signed a multi-picture contract (which includes the Harley Quinn spinoff Gotham City Sirens). But, despite the Wonder Woman film already generating healthy hype, a direct sequel to Diana’s solo has recently become a bit questionable.

Given that the upcoming film clearly serves as an origin story for our favorite Amazonian warrior princess, it would be reasonable to assume another breakout film would be in Diana’s future after Justice League that places her in the current timeframe of the DCEU. A comment from Wonder Woman co-writer, Geoff Johns, causes one to question whether any current plans for a follow-up are in the works.

As ComicBook.com reports, Johns was recently asked about the possibly of a direct sequel at WonderCon. His reply was short and simple, “I can’t confirm that.” While, this doesn’t mean there won’t be, the fact that Johns gave nothing to the audience in terms of possibilities, suggests the project might be on a wait-and-see basis.

With all the trouble the DCEU has run into, so far, it seems perfectly reasonable that they are waiting to see Wonder Woman’s reception before making any solid plans for her future. For fans of the Amazonian, that might be a bit of a bittersweet reality, but we can at least hope the film is as good as it looks, and receives a largely positive reception from audiences and critics alike, thus making another Wonder Woman film a greater possibility.

Wonder Woman will make her way into theaters June 2.

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