Wonder Woman 1984 has been Delayed to Summer of 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 has been Delayed to Summer of 2020

Seeing that Wonder Woman was an enormous success for the DCEU, everyone was waiting on the release of the movie November of next year. Bad news is, the movie has been delayed by half a year, and will now come out in 2020.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman 1984 has moved from its original Nov. 1, 2019 release date to June 5, 2020. Though this may come out as a bummer to a lot of fans, it seems that everyone behind the movie is kind of relieved.

Here’s what star Gal Gadot had to say about the delay:


Director Patty Jenkins also shared her take on WW84 coming out in 2020:


With the June release date, Wonder Woman 1984 is closer to getting better box office numbers. With the original November release, it would have been too close to that of another DC film, Joker, which was coming out early October. Personally, I thought that they did the release on purpose since Joker was promised not to have as large a scale as other DCEU films.

With Wonder Woman out of the 2019 slate, we’ll only be expecting two DC movies next year—Shazam! and Joker. So far, 2020 will have Birds of Prey in February then WW84 in June. I’m just waiting for WB to announce whatever movie they have planned for later in the year for the DCEU.

My best guess is that it’s going to be Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie. I would say Flash or Suicide Squad 2, but those films just got some recent setbacks. Batman is the safest guess.

Catch Wonder Woman 1984 when it comes out June 5, 2020.


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