Wonder Woman 1984: Description for CinemaCon 2019 Footage, New Teaser Poster

Wonder Woman 1984: Description for CinemaCon 2019 Footage, New Teaser Poster

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CinemaCon 2019 had come with some big reveals for WB. Besides the debut of the new Joker trailer, it was said that the audience got their first glimpse of the Wonder Woman sequel as well. Thanks to ComicBook, we have some descriptions of what was shown at the con.

The site writes on the Wonder Woman 1984 preview:

Wonder Woman jumps across a street, rising up through the air the entire time. “Diana is now at her full powers,” Jenkins said. Diana walks in front of the Washington Monument, cuddling with Steve Trevor while wearing a white dress. She whips he lasso in a mall. Her colleague becomes her nemesis in the form of Cheetah. It ends with a shot of her jetting down a street at super speed.

The wording for Wonder Woman ‘jetting’ down a street is interesting, seeing as this movie is said to be introducing WW’s invisible jet from the cartoon. There hasn’t been any official announcement from DC, but some leaked set videos have shown Gal Gadot strapped to a harness, seemingly sitting in something invisible, and zooming off down a street.

Also check out this teaser poster that was exclusive to CinemaCon 2019:

With the film set for a release in June of next year, I think the chances of a teaser coming out in 2019 are pretty slim. Then again, DC could give us even just a little taste of the movie come Comic-Con in July. With the movie originally set to come out this November, you’d think they have a lot of great Wonder Woman 1984 material on their hands.

For now, all we can really do is wait.

The next DCEU film set to come out is Shazam!, and it hits theaters This coming July 5.


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