Will The Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Take Place In Europe?

Will The Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Take Place In Europe?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming was a huge success for Sony and Marvel, and the sequel is set to come out in 2019. This year will mark the start of production for the film, and according to the location, it’s possible that the movie will have Peter Parker going overseas.

According to the Hashtag Show, the Spider-Man sequel will start production on May 28, and the filming will take place either in Germany or the UK. When audition tapes for a European Gwen Stacy began to come out online, a lot of people believed that Gwen was going to be an exchange student, but if Peter was going abroad, it looks like he’ll be the foreigner this time around.

This movie will be the first to come out after Avengers 4, and it will follow Peter as he enters his junior year of high school. Based on the Infinity War trailer, Spidey will be going face-to-face with Thanos alongside the rest of the Avengers. I don’t know about you, but I’d think it would be hard going back to high-school after you help save the freaking planet.

This is all just speculation for now, but with the information we have, it’s the most logical conclusion we can come to. If Peter Parker is coming to foreign soil, I can expect his villain to be foreign as well. My best bet is we’re going to meet Sergei Kravinoff a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is set to come out July 5, 2019.


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