WB to Use an AI-System to Decide Which Movies to Produce

WB to Use an AI-System to Decide Which Movies to Produce

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When it comes to making films, studios usually try to minimize risks, and that’s how we always end up with films that have been cut due to “studio meddling.” In another attempt to try and make their box office success more guaranteed, WB has now struck a deal to have an AI system decide which movies to greenlight.

As per THR, Warner Bros has signed a deal with Cinelytic for an “AI-driven project management system”. The AI basically uses comprehensive data and systematic analysis to be able to tell which movies will do well in certain countries; it also determines which actors are the biggest box office draws.

Though this already sounds terrible on paper, the report assures that studios will merely use it to “reduce the amount of time executives spend on low-value, repetitive tasks.” This system is said to be particularly useful when it comes to film festivals, as studios often make bids for projects based on hunches; the AI-system will help predict which movies will be good investments.

As you can imagine, the internet is not too pleased with WB removing another human element when it comes to making their movies. The studio had already been accused of heavy meddling when it comes to the DCEU, and now they want an actual AI to decide which movies to produce? What are the odds that AI will only judge films based on what pleases the Chinese audience the most?

For now we don’t know how this will all go down, but hopefully WB doesn’t rely too heavily on this system. I think there’s still some merit in taking risks when it comes to filmmaking. I mean, look at the success of Joker. Heck, the success of the MCU started based on a hunch that Robert Downey Jr. would be the perfect Iron Man.


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