WB Reportedly Loves the First Script for Matt Reeves’ The Batman

WB Reportedly Loves the First Script for Matt Reeves’ The Batman

The updates may have taken forever, but now the first draft of Matt Reeves’ The Batman is completed, and news is coming out that Warner Bros loves the script.

This comes from The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez:

It’s great to hear that WB loves the script since we’ve been waiting for updates on this movie ever since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. Originally Ben Affleck had his own script for the film, but plans apparently didn’t push through and Reeves was brought in to write his own version.

If anything, maybe Affleck’s script can be saved for another movie down the line.

As of now, we still have no confirmation if Affleck will be coming back as Batman at all. Reports have been contradictory as of the matter, and we’ve been getting rumors that Reeves is looking to tell the story of a younger Batman.

If anything, I think what would please Bat-fans is a two timeline story, one that deals with Batman in the present day (Affleck) and another timeline from the past involving a younger Batman. If Christopher Nolan’s films can jump time, then why can’t this one?

Of course, Reeves could be planning his own thing. I’m just happy to see this movie picking up more steam. It’s been a roller coaster ride of news for The Batman, and this is the first solid update we’ve got in a long time.

No release date has been set for The Batman.



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