Watch Video of Dev Patel Trashing The Last Airbender

Watch Video of Dev Patel Trashing The Last Airbender

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Night Shymalan’s adaptation of The Last Airbender is infamously terrible, and it’s great that actor Dev Patel still managed to get a career after that film. While actors are usually forbidden from trashing on the films they’re working on thanks to NDAs, there’s a video out there of Patel apologizing for the ‘sh*t’ movie that was The Last Airbender.

Check this out:

I’ll admit, it would be a novelty gag to have Patel sign something that was notoriously terrible, but it’s great that he can have a sense of humor about it after all these years. No doubt several actors—especially from Star Wars—will be more open about their fan horror stories far into the future.

As for The Last Airbender, creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are teaming up with Netflix for another stab at a live-action adaptation. While I would have just preferred a third Avatar story, hopefully the two have something better in mind compared to what Shymalan gave us.

For now, Patel is set to star in A24’s horror adaptation of The Green Knight. While the movie was originally set to come out this summer, it looks like COVID-19 had other plans. Hopefully it can come out sometime within the year, but if theaters remained closed, it’s possible this movie could be set for a release in 2021. Then again, there is always the option to have it come out in a streaming service—hopefully in time for Halloween.

Catch Patel in The Green Knight which is set to come out this summer.


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