Watch the Fantastic New Trailer for Stranger Things 3

Watch the Fantastic New Trailer for Stranger Things 3

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We may have missed out on Halloween last year, but Stranger Things 3 will be back this July, and it looks like we’ll be following our famous Hawkins gang for the summer. Just in, Netflix has dropped a full trailer for the third season.

It looks like the season will be leaning in on the kids all growing up, seeing that the actors are clearly starting to hit puberty. I love this change in tone though, and I don’t expect the show to tone down on any of the sci-fi elements either. By the way it looks, Eleven has found a way to channel her powers differently, and we can see that she has control over electronics—or at least, that’s what it looks like.

We also get a look at the older kids of the show with Jonathan and Nancy seemingly applying for jobs. The new Netflix trailer also features more of fan-favorite Steve, and it looks like the writers are aware that everyone loves it that he’s into being friends with kids. Probably the biggest meme that came out of the second season was ‘Mom Steve’—the first season’s meme spotlight went to Barb.

I have to say, I’m excited to see where this third season will go. Admittedly the second season really upped the scale with the Mind Flayer, but we don’t know what direction Stranger Things 3 will take. Will Hopper and Joyce become a couple? Is Billy going to be a bigger villain this time around?

Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix July 4.


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