“Time to Wing It!”: Watch Latest Trailer for Kite Man – Hell Yeah!

“Time to Wing It!”: Watch Latest Trailer for Kite Man – Hell Yeah!

The animated Harley Quinn series had carved out its own wacky version of the DCU, and fans are getting a spinoff with Ivy’s ex-fiancee named Kite Man: Hell Yeah!.

The series is set to premiere later this month, and we have a new trailer showcasing Kite Man and all the different villains that will be showing up in his spinoff series. Check this out:

Though the DC baddie didn’t push through with his partnership with Ivy, this show is giving him a new love interest in the form of Golden Glider, the younger sister of Captain Cold. We also get to see that Kite Man is starting his own business in the form of a bar; and it looks like it’s going to be featuring appearances from all kinds of DC villains big and small—from Polka-Dot Man to Darkseid.

With the Harley Quinn series already being as wild as it is, it’s curious how Kite Man is going to set itself apart. HQ already has the wacky version of the villains getting into random hijinks with Harley; but how would things be different now that Kite Man is at the center of the show? Even the animation style and look are the same.

Even if that was the case, it does seem like WB has enough faith in the character to actually give him a spinoff. I guess he’s one of the more memorable supporting characters from the Harley series, so it would be great to see how he really comes out now that he has his own show.

Catch Kite Man: Hell Yeah! when it premieres on Max this July 18.


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