Valentine’s Day Guide: 4 Geeky Gifts for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day Guide: 4 Geeky Gifts for Your Special Someone

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While fun and romantic, this holiday can be very stressful for a few people. Imagine, there are only less than two weeks to prepare. There are reservations to be made, outfits to be prepared and gift or gifts to purchase. At this point, you should already have an idea how you would dazzle your special someone.

Stuck on what gift you should give? Before ordering flowers or buying a box of chocolates, take a quick look at our list below. Who knows? The perfect geeky gift for him or for her might be what makes a memorable Valentine’s Day.

For Her

Geeky Plush Bouquets 

Star Wars Bouquet-Valentines Day Gift

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. However, getting flowers for the holiday can feel a little bit generic. While it can cost a pretty penny, it is easy and it can seem like there is no thought process behind the gift.

What if there is a bouquet that is both geeky and romantic? Enter Think Geek’s Plush Bouquets.

From Star Wars to Corgis, ThinkGeek has a few selections of Plush bouquets that you can choose from. They sell for anywhere between $12 to $29 depending on the size and number of plushies. Affordable and thoughtful – need we say more?

Rose Gold Over Stainless Steel Seratonin Ring 

Geeky Valentines Day Ring

Just like most emotions, love can be a physiological process. When you are in love, your body produces serotonin that gives that warm and happy feeling.

What better way to say I love you in the nerdiest way possible than this Rose Gold serotonin ring? This ring, which goes for a little over $50, can be customized to your date’s taste. From the metal of the band to the rhinestones, you can give her exactly the ring that she would want.

For Him

jhsq nixon sentry ss sw watch mil falcon Valentine’s Day Guide: 4 Geeky Gifts for Your Special Someone

Nixon Sentry SS Watch – Millennium  Falcon Gunmetal Limited 

Trying to figure out the gift to give to the Han Solo to your Leia Organa? You don’t have to look any further. This Nixon Sentry SS Watch Millennium Falcon Edition is the perfect gift for that special geeky someone.

The top dial of this watch mimics the Millennium Falcon as it goes into hyperdrive. Flip it over and one of Han Solo’s iconic lines greets you with a smirk and a wink – “Never tell me the odds.” For $149, your man can live his Han Solo dreams.

Player 1 – Player 2 Glassware 

Player 1 and Player 2 Glasses Valentines Day Gifts

Are you a wine drinker and your guy more of a beer drinker? This Player 1- Player 2 glassware is exactly the set that you need to get. Like the ring from Etsy above, both glasses are customizable. There are several glassware options that you can choose from. Say I love you with the language gamers understand with this gift!

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be stressful. With the list above, you don’t have to slave over what to give your special someone. All that is left to give is a warm hug and a kiss.


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