Use Your Smartphone’s Camera Flash as a Bat-Signal

Use Your Smartphone’s Camera Flash as a Bat-Signal

Years ago, chain restaurants began putting mini-Bat-Signal flashlights in their happy meals. The Batman gained fans because of this clever marketing strategy, and since then, the idea has continued to grow exponentially, with toy companies making full size flashlights to do the same.

Solid3D on Etsy has figured out a way to take the at home Bat-Signal to the next level. For about $6 you too can call on the Bat when in need, forget the local police. Fair warning, though, it probably won’t reach as far into the sky as what Commissioner Gordon has installed on the roof of the GCPD. At best, it will hit the wall across a dark room. The device is a compact 3D-printed lens attachment that will turn the flash on your smartphone’s camera into the iconic Bat-Signal.


Bat light


What do you think? Have plans to turn your phone into a call for the Batman? Tell us in the comments below.


Source and Images: Gizmodo


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