Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Will Be Much Longer Than Expected

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Will Be Much Longer Than Expected

When Sony and Naughty Dog were ramping up the marketing campaign for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, in the weeks leading up to its release last May, many fans were roped into spending a little bit extra on their pre-order by the promise of an expansion pass boasting an all-new single-player adventure after the main game’s release. Many looked to the outstanding The Last of Us: Left Behind for an idea of what form it might take, but at last year’s PlayStation Experience it became apparent that players would be getting way more than they bargained for with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Naughty Dog started billing The Lost Legacy as a standalone game and is now teasing that it could be more than 10 hours long, making it an even heftier than what we saw from the series on PlayStation 3. Speaking after A Thief’s End was named Best Game at the 2017 BAFTA Game Awards, Naughty Dog’s Arne Mayer told IBTimes that The Lost Legacy had developed into something far more substantial than DLC.

“Years ago, when we were asked if we were ever doing a single player expansion for Uncharted we always said, ‘Well, we don’t have the self-discipline to do that’. If we tried to do that we’d create a full game. There’s no way we could, sort of, constrict and restrain ourselves, and that’s exactly what was happening here. When we were doing story pitches, we were coming up with a game that would be over ten hours long and so we suddenly realised everything we said was true and we couldn’t keep it short.”

Set in India and set after the events of A Thief’s End, The Lost Legacy stars fan favourite Chloe Frazer and one of last year’s game’s antagonists, Nadine Ross, going after more of the world’s most fabled treasures. It promises even bigger environments and more freedom than A Thief’s End, with styles of combat and stealth that differ from the somewhat unrefined nature of that employed by Drake. An eight minute gameplay demo was shown at PSX, which you can remind yourself of here.

Screen Uncharted TheLostLegacy 07 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Will Be Much Longer Than Expected
Time for some girl power (Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The Lost Legacy is due for release later this year and will be available at no additional charge for those who did buy A Thief’s End £19.99 season pass before it was pulled from sale. Pricing has not yet been announced for those who didn’t invest.



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