Twitter Attempts to Cancel Sebastian Stan

Twitter Attempts to Cancel Sebastian Stan

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With J.K. Rowling receiving the full might of internet cancel culture right now, an MCU star is the next target for the Twitter hate wave. Just in, #SebastianStanisOverParty has gone trending on Twitter, and it’s surpassed 16k tweets.

Check it out:

14 Sebastian Stan Over Twitter Attempts to Cancel Sebastian Stan

To clarify what’s happened, Stan is being cancelled because a photo of his girlfriend Alejandra Onieva had been deemed racist. People were all over the internet trying to share the image, and they’ve realized that they’ve been blocked by Stan and Onieva. Stan’s blocking of the haters was apparently enough for the a huge wave of Twitter subscribers to cancel him.

Twitter has also been seeing a multitude of these kinds of posts:

With Stan set to appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier soon, this is probably the last thing he needs right now. If anything, there are some fans who are jumping to his defense, and think that Twitter is overreacting (like it always does). The way some see it, it was Stan’s PR who did the blocking, and the real beef that people have is with Onieva.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Stan blocking the haters seemed like the more diplomatic thing to do rather than address the issue and get caught in an online debate. As an Asian myself, I don’t really find Onieva’s attire offensive. The intent was to go to an Asian-themed party, and the make-up and attire was part of keeping to the theme—it’s not like she’s wearing any ceremonial garb or putting on the kimonos to make a statement.

If you ask me, this whole thing will just blow over the same way Ezra Miller’s scandal did when it came out in April.


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