New Trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch film The Current War debuts

New Trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch film The Current War debuts

You might have heard of the famous figure, Thomas Edison but for most he is just that, a figure. Nearly a century ago Edison invited drama into his life by battling with George Westinghouse. While Edison learnt how to direct current electricity with the help of J.P. Morgan, George Westinghouse had the advantage of money and alternating current. He also teamed up with Nikola Tesla, which was a blow to Edison. So now, it’s getting the Hollywood treatment courtesy of The Weinstein Company.

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Directed by Me and Earl and the Dying Girl director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the trailer looks to include all of that drama and more. The combined imagery of light with the sound of clinking light bulbs makes for a really aesthetic history film that promises to entertain visually. Edison comments that what he is working on will never be the same, and he wasn’t wrong. The trailer seems to show the film off as more of a psychological battle between Westinghouse and Edison. Rather than a action packed history biopic. The drama is only hyped up more by Nicholas Hoult’s Nikola Tesla chipping in with his skill set which is “solving problems for idiots.” Over the years that this ‘battle’ took place, Edison fronted a campaign to make people believe that Westinghouse’s alternative current was dangerous and even fatal.

The film stars Doctor Strange hero, Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison. Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse, Nicholas Hoult as Tesla, and Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Although we do not see Tom Holland that much in the trailer, it’s assured that his star presence alone will draw more of an audience. The Current War will see its release on November 24. With its similar themes to The Imitation Game (which also starred Benedict Cumberbatch), this could be one for The Oscars.

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