Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

6) Twilight Princess

twilight princess

Twilight Princess is in many ways, a response to The Wind Waker. Many fans were still felt some disappointment in Wind Waker’s art style and overall “kiddy” tone. First announced at E3 2004, Nintendo absolutely brought the house down with it’s reveal. The trailer itself was incredible and video of the event is a lot of fun to watch, especially since you get to see grown adults openly crying at its reveal. Ending with series creator, Shigeru Miyamoto coming on stage with sword and shield in hand.

What the fans were given, was a spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time. Taking place in the adult timeline about 100 years after Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess is a much darker game than what the series is usually known for. It’s the only rated teen Zelda game ever. With that darker tone, the fans get a truly epic adventure.

Hyrule is huge. Hyrule Field alone is five times bigger than the Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess has a whopping 9 dungeons to explore and a lot of new items never seen in the series. There is a lot to chew on and feels like how Miyamoto envisioned Ocarina of Time.

How can we forget the Twilight Princess herself, Midna? Midna is by far the best companion in the series, and it’s not even close. She won’t annoy you with a “Hey Listen” or tell you the odds of success. She is an integral part of the story, because the game itself is named after her. At first she seems like this sassy/mysterious imp but as the story progresses the layers come off of her character and we learn who she is. She is a great addition to the Zelda lore. Add that with fun new swordsplay, two good villains, and an epic final boss. Twilight Princess is a deserving successor to Ocarina of Time.

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