Top 10 Great Movies About Nothing

Top 10 Great Movies About Nothing

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There are lots of great films in the industry that make sense and could easily provoke certain feelings, movies that can inspire and simply reflect different stories. But not all films are created for the same purpose; some are just done out of fun or let’s say for the sake of art. Of course, people need a story to relate to what they are watching or else there will be a connection from the audience to the film whatsoever. Let’s take a look at these top ten plotless movies.

10. EraserheadEraserhead-Films About Nothing

This film may not make sense for most audiences, but it’s quite relatable since it’s about the pressure of coping with life responsibilities and the difficulties of childbirth. Although the humor mixed with the sinister and disturbing turn surely makes it a bit more of a non-sense rather than a logical film.

9. Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation-Films About Nothing

This movie is quite romantic as the two characters in this film got to know one another in Tokyo wherein they began hanging out to ease that feeling of loneliness from being out in a foreign country where there can be a lot of issues including language and social barriers. This film, however, doesn’t have any particular story which makes it more like a film about a certain experience of meeting a friend on the other side of the globe.

8. Dazed and confused

Dazed and Confused Movies About Nothing

This movie sets back from the 70’s which shows the typical teens, or maybe the type of teens which are more rebellious that time. You can get that old school vibe from their trend not only through their outfits but on how they act in a weird sense of humor which is practically funny that time if you’re a cool kid. There’s nothing more to it really than jokes and comedy stuff which make it seems more fun to watch

7. Slacker

Slacker-Movies About Nothing

This film sets about the usual lives of different characters which make this film unique and out of the ordinary, although it still doesn’t make any sense, maybe it’s all about the art of being creative and original but to be fair, it did have an interesting content that may or may not actually mean anything but some may argue that each conversation that happened in the movie brings out different ideas if you only pay attention to the sequence, that is if you don’t get bored at the beginning.

6. Napoleon Dynamite

Napolean Dynamite-Films About Nothing

This film may have been created without much of a plot, to begin with, but this film is adorable.  Before Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you have Napoleon Dynamite as significant nerd character in a movie, but it says a lot about high school and all the weird things that happen or just how bizarre everyone can be but in an exciting way.

5. Clerks

Clerks-Movies About Nothing

The joy of working in a convenience store, well it shows some good insights about how life can be for even a regular cashier holder. This film is about a group of people who works in a shop and talks a lot during their breaks but it also contains series of conversations regarding having less ambitions in life or making the wrong choices. This film is essentially plotless in nature but it did a great job of portraying the characters and did them justice.

4. Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andelou - Movies About Nothing

This is a film from the late-twenties about absolutely nothing. Featuring a series of events which does not have any connection with each other and some weird and disturbing scenes that leave the audience wondering what this movie is trying to accomplish.  However, it is said that this film doesn’t have any plot but rather a sequence of events that make up a dream which is kinda cool because dreams are weird even in reality.

3. Inside Llewin Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis Movies About Nothing

This movie is about a folk singer who can’t seem to find his way into the industry. The character’s dream of becoming an artist has always been a struggle since his personal life seems to be getting in the way and the more he tries, the more he fails, but the more he discovers things about himself. This film goes through many different tracks because of its lack of plot but it actually works for this film.

2. Her

Her-Movies About Nothing

This film opened our hearts towards love and relationship, what’s weird though is that the character fell in love with his operating system, so the story goes on with their romantic scenes or actually just conversations, despite having lack of plot, this movie is still captivating in many different ways that shows how human emotions cannot be fully manifested in technology.

1. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club- Movies About Nothing

Detention doesn’t get very dramatic until you meet different people with different stories. As the characters in this film try to reflect on themselves while they receive detention for different reasons, this movie is one of the best plotless movies of all time simply because it tells you something that you need to discover for yourself in order to relate with what others are feeling or experiencing simply putting yourselves in their shoe. In the end, nothing change, but they were able to reflect like regular individuals would.


That’s our list. Is there any movie you would add to this list? If so let us know in the comments below.


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