Tom Hanks Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Tom Hanks Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus Outbreak continues to spread, and if you weren’t worried now, then you may be sad to know that it’s gotten one of the most beloved figures in entertainment today—Tom Hanks.

Hanks has confirmed that he and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the virus in Australia. Here’s his post on IG:

According to THR, Hanks was actually in Australia shooting an untitled Elvis Presley biopic for Warner Bros; his wife was also there performing concerts with songs from her new album Halfway to Home—kind of ironic now, seeing that the two won’t be able to go home for a while and have been quarantined at the Queensland hospital.

While a lot of people see this as a sign of panic, Hanks is keeping a cool head and is just going through the proper protocol. Even their son Chet has confirmed that his parents aren’t too worried about the virus, and that they’re both not feeling that sick. For now, it looks like production for Hanks’ film has been put on hold, and won’t resume until further notice.

Admittedly, some fans are looking to Hanks filmography as a kind of solace to his condition. If he can survive being stuck on an island by himself for three years, then Hanks can possibly survive the virus. We don’t know when a cure would come out, if a cure would come out, but it’s probably best to keep a level head and not horde any items out of panic.


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