A Series of Unfortunate Events: Netflix Brings Count Olaf Back for More Mischief

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Netflix Brings Count Olaf Back for More Mischief

Things are about to get unfortunate for another two seasons. TV Line reported today that Netflix has renewed their original series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, for a third season.

The Netflix original series, based on the cult best selling novels of the same name, stars Neil Patrick Harris as the devilish master of disguise, Count Olaf. The star studded cast of Season 1 included Patrick Warburton and Joan Cusack, as well as newcomers Maline Weissman and Louis Hynes as the Baudelire children. Season 2 will once again follow the Baudelaire children through the truly unfortunate stories they live out after the mysterious death of their parents.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events announced Season 2 last month with a letter from author Lemony Snicket, shared on social media, stating:

“To my horror, Netflix has been encouraged by this, and funneled their ill-gotten gains toward a second season of this unhappy and unnerving series.”

Snicket will have to pen a follow up letter because Netflix has been encouraged far more than expected. The reason behind the double season pick up is speculated by fans to carry Unfortunate Events through the entirety of the book series. Season 1 had 8 episodes that chronicled the first four books in the series. Netflix has expanded Season 2 to span 10 episodes, which will chronicle the subsequent five books following the misadventures of the young orphans.

Lemony Snicket himself (author Daniel Handler) created the TV adaptation along with Barry Sonnenfeld. Hopefully the next two seasons will stay true to the world Snicket and Sonnenfeld created so elegantly in the first installment.

Do we expect more giant snake topiaries? Maybe more Tim Burton and Pushing Daises influences? Of course. It will be a truly unfortunate series of events that will play out when we binge watch season two and three.



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