The Pied Piper Gang Is Back With First Teaser For Silicon Valley 5

The Pied Piper Gang Is Back With First Teaser For Silicon Valley 5

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Though we may not be getting any Game of Thrones this year, HBO is still giving us a new season for the fantastic Silicon Valley. We have a new teaser for season 5, and it looks like Richard and his crew are in for one heck of an upgrade.

Check it out:


It looks like Pied Piper has officially moved on from Erlich’s incubator to an actual office, and it seems that Richard is still pushing forward with his idea for a “new internet.” The last season saw Pied Piper successfully pulling off Richard’s experiment, and saving an entire database on hundreds of smart fridges. It also looks like Gilfoyle and Dinesh are still up to the same antics.

As for Erlich though, he has been entirely written off the show, what with Gavin Belson leaving him in what I assume is Tibet. Now Jin Yang has taken over the incubator and has somehow kicked everyone out of the house.

Just going back to T.J. Miller, I’m disappointed that he had to leave the show. Despite Erlich being the most useless member of the team, he always provided the most significant laughs, and he is somewhat competent in that he has a way with words. Hopefully, this doesn’t feel like the time when Steve Carell left The Office.

Silicon Valley 5 comes out this March 25.


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