The New Mutants Stills Spotlight Magik and Demon Bear

The New Mutants Stills Spotlight Magik and Demon Bear

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The New Mutants was finally set to come out in theaters last April, but like some act of god, the COVID-19 pandemic managed to squash that release, and the film is now looking at another indefinite release. Promotion is still ongoing though, and we have some new stills from the movie.

Check them out:

Probably the most prominent characters in the stills is Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy), and it’s said that she will have something to do with the release of Demon Bear from Limbo. We don’t really know what the other creatures mean for the movie, but seeing as this is a horror/superhero film, I’m sure they’re there to help up the ante when it comes to horror.

With the several delays that The New Mutants has undergone, a lot of people have deemed this film ‘cursed’, then again, it all just really seems to be bad luck on the film’s part, what with the turnover of Fox to Disney, and the global pandemic.

Personally, I think the film looks fine, and seems to be the sendoff that the Fox X-Men universe deserves. With the way that Dark Phoenix ended up being such a mess, it would be great if the Fox films could go out with something that was actually faithful to the vision of the director.

No release date has been set for The New Mutants, but fingers crossed that it finally hits theaters sometime this year.



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