The Matrix 4 Set Video Reunites Neo and Trinity

The Matrix 4 Set Video Reunites Neo and Trinity

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The Matrix 4 is currently undergoing production, and though we expect Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to be the new lead, we’re also getting the return of franchise vets Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. Just in, a new set video has come out online of Neo and Trinity going through a possible motorcycle chase.

Check it out:

This is actually the second set video from The Matrix 4 that’s leaked online. Earlier this week we also had this video of people supposedly jumping from a building then flying up. Check it:

We don’t know who the characters are in this shot, but I’m guessing it could be the film’s protagonist plus Neo, who is teaching this new guy how to use the Matrix like Morpheus taught him. What’s interesting is that some people think that Abdul-Mateen is actually playing a younger version of Morpheus. With multiple Neos confirmed in the original Matrix timeline, what if Neo was the one who actually taught Morpheus the ropes so that Morpheus would soon teach him.

That’s just my guess at least.

We haven’t really gotten a great Matrix film since the first one, but knowing Hollywood, it’s not going to stop them from trying to build a franchise. If anything, they can just disregard the ‘bad’ films and just say that this is a direct sequel to the original movie—just like they did with the last two Terminator films and the Jurassic World franchise.

For now, The Matrix 4 is set for a release on May 21, 2021.



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