The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is Coming to IMAX

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is Coming to IMAX

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Last December saw the release of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies in 4k, and though some theaters are still closed this year, IMAX has decided to announce that the LOTR trilogy is coming to their cinemas.

Here’s the official announcement:

Granted, these IMAX screenings will only be available in select locations starting February 5 with The Fellowship of the Ring. Two Towers and Return of the King are set to come out on Feb 12.

Just in case you are unfamiliar, the 4K remaster of The Lord of the Rings comes with very significant changes to the quality of all the three films. Besides the 4K quality, the colors of each film have also been altered to make all 6 (including the Hobbit trilogy) feel more cohesive beside each other.

While it is a bummer that the IMAX screening won’t be available everywhere, it is great to celebrate one of the most solid movie trilogies ever made in theaters again. If anything, it should keep fans hyped for the release of the upcoming Lord of the Rings series that’s set to premiere on Amazon. While that story isn’t based on the books, it will take place during the Second Age of Middle-Earth, right before the Fall of Sauron which The Fellowship of the Ring starts with.

Pre-order your IMAX tickets here.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy launches on IMAX this coming Feb. 5.


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