The Flash Producer Says Ben Affleck is in a Place where He can Enjoy Playing Batman

The Flash Producer Says Ben Affleck is in a Place where He can Enjoy Playing Batman

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DC FanDome is set to take place this weekend, but one of the biggest reveals had just come out with the announcement that Ben Affleck will be reprising Batman for the Flash solo movie. With Affleck’s Batman portrayal said to have taken a toll on his well-being, Flash producer Barbara Muschietti says that he’s actually in a good place to take on the part now.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Muschietti comments:

“There have been some all sorts of stories and things he said himself about having a very hard time playing Batman, and it had been difficult for him… I think it was more about a difficult time in his life. When we approached him, he’s now in a very different time in his life. He was very open to it, which was a bit of a surprise to us. It was a question mark.”

During Affleck’s time as Batman, there was said to be a lot of internal mess when it came to WB, and that’s even come out with Ray Fisher accusing Joss Whedon for abusive behavior on the JL set. For now, it looks like the DCEU is slowly getting back on its feet, both in the box office and behind the scenes.

Muschietti continues, “Right now he’s in a place where he can actually enjoy being Batman… It’s a pivotal role, but at the same time it’s a fun part.”

We don’t know what Affleck’s role in the movie will be, but it has been described as a substantial role, probably on par with Keaton’s Batman reprisal. It will probably be a while before we can find out about any specifics though.

The Flash is set to come out on June 2, 2022. DC FanDome takes place on Aug. 22.


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