The Dark Falcon Set Leaked for LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy?

The Dark Falcon Set Leaked for LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy?

Though the Lucasfilm story group is pretty strict when it comes to changes in the canon, LEGO Star Wars has been given the freedom to fool around, and this September we’re going to get the alternate universe series LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy.

As it turns out, there are going to be LEGO sets made for the show, and a photo of what’s called ‘The Dark Falcon’ a.k.a. a evil version of the Millennium Falcon, has leaked online. Check this out:

What’s interesting is that the LEGO Star Wars set also comes with alternate versions of established characters like Darth Jar Jar, Jedi Vader, Beach Luke, Bounty Hunter C-3PO and Evil Rey. There’s also a third Sith character in the lineup, but it looks like he’s the protagonist that was made for the LEGO show and not anyone from the live-action properties.

We don’t know how much more of these sets LEGO is attempting to make—or if this is even going to officially release, but the teaser for the show had already given us ideas of what else they could make including Rebellion-coded AT-AT walkers as well as TIE X-Wings.

With Star Wars admittedly slowing down on the movie department, I’m pretty impressed that they managed to do a What If…? concept for the show that would also give collectors some fun items to get their hands on.

Watch out for LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy when it premieres on Disney+ on Sept. 13.


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