The Crow Reboot Loses Director AND Jason Momoa

The Crow Reboot Loses Director AND Jason Momoa

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The Crow reboot was already having a hard time getting off the ground. However, the film was getting traction after the studio announced that Jason Momoa would be playing the lead. Unfortunately, the movie has been put on hold again. Momoa, along with director Corin Hardy, have now left the project.

According to Deadline, Hardy and Momoa left the project due to creative (and financial differences) with Davis Films head Samuel Hadida. Hadida was having a hard time closing a deal with Sony ever since the announcement. Now, even Sony is thinking about backing out of the project.

Originally, The Crow Reborn already had Hardy attached to direct back when it was still Relativity Media’s project. Hardy quit after Relativity ran into some financial trouble. However, he was set to come on when it was announced that Jason Momoa would be onboard.

Now with Momoa and Hardy out, it looks like it will be a good long while before we ever get to see a Crow reboot. Mind you, it was probably frustrating for both director and lead star to quit after all this time; but I have a feeling that they could come back to the project should they finally make a deal with a studio that would give them what they want.



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