The Boys Showrunner Has Plans for Five Seasons

The Boys Showrunner Has Plans for Five Seasons

The second season of The Boys had just ended in spectacular fashion with the tease of the next villain, and a satisfying arc for all the characters. With the show already greenlit for a third season, showrunner Eric Kripke reveals just how far he plans the show to go.

During a Q&A on Twitter, Kripke was asked about how long he planned to have the show going, to which he replied:

“The rough idea in my head is 5 seasons total, but I also know better than to say how many seasons the show is gonna have cause my last show Supernatural, I said, ‘five seasons for sure,’ and that fucker went fifteen. So I’m mostly gonna keep my mouth shut but creatively five feels like a good round number.”

We don’t know what else the show has in store, but five does seem like a good number to tell a great story. While there are some shows that would have benefitted from more seasons (e.g., Game of Thrones), good shows know when not to overstay their welcome like Breaking Bad or Watchmen.

For now though, it looks like The Boys still has a lot of great source material to pull from, and even then they’re already taking liberties in the right direction. Hopefully Kripke and his team manage to find ways to keep the story interesting because even now I’m already wracking my brain on what direction they could go without feeling too repetitive.

For now, you can catch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.



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