The Acolyte Concept Art Reveals Alternate Lightsaber Variants

The Acolyte Concept Art Reveals Alternate Lightsaber Variants

Lightsabers are pretty iconic when it comes to Star Wars, but every now and again a new variant is introduced to audiences like a lightwhip variant and Kylo Ren’s crossguard.

So far, the lightsabers in The Acolyte have been pretty standard, but some new concet art from Adam Burn (via @JacobYLow) have revealed alternate saber designs that could have made it to the series.

Check these out:

Though lightsabers have a pretty standard aesthetic in Star Wars, these designs were said to be inspired by old duelling pistols to give them that more vintage feel.

When it comes to variants, not only do we get a closer look at Vernestra Rwoh’s lightwhip, but there is also a saber variant when it emits three thin blades instead of one thick one. I’m particularly fond of the ‘broadsword’ version that has a crossguard, but it emits a three blades to form one wide blade.

You also have to love the blade with the curved hilt that was meant for Master Indara. It’s a unique callback to Count Dooku from the prequels who also had a curved hilt; after all, Dooku in the lore is considered to be the most masterful duelist when it comes to blade-to-blade combat.

We don’t know if these blade variants will ever come to the screen, but the High Republic comics have revealed different lightsabers—including a more refined crossguard just like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. With two episodes left, fans have their fingers crossed for some more weird weapons.

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