The Acolyte: Dafne Keen Confirms that Jecki was DEFINITELY Crushing on Osha

The Acolyte: Dafne Keen Confirms that Jecki was DEFINITELY Crushing on Osha

When we first meet Jecki in The Acolyte, it seems that she’s a huge stickler for the rules, even calling out Sol (Lee Jung-jae) when he sees him with a hologram of his old padawan. What’s funny is, Jecki seems to be forming her own attachments to Osha as well—and Keen herself confirms this.

Talking to Decider, Keen was asked about the farewell between Osha and Jecki at the temple; in which Osha says, “Don’t tell me you’ll miss me,” to which Jecki gives a shy chuckle.

When asked if the interaction meant that they liked each other, Keen replied, “And I think… I think she… Hehehe, I think she does… I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I think she does.”

Though the character of Jecki is introduced as someone who is very strict with the rules, Keen says that she uses this to inform how the character is actually having trouble navigating her feelings. She says, “I think, for Jeckie, it’s very confusing because as a Jedi you’re not allowed to have feelings for other people.”

With every Star Wars show, you can’t avoid there being any ‘shipping’ when it comes to fandom. Probably the biggest ship that came out of Ahsoka was the one between rival padawans Sabine Wren and Shin Hati.

If Lucasfilm were to pursue these romances though, I would prefer that they actually develop these relationships over time. A lot of fans were ‘Reylo’ shippers around the time of the Sequel Trilogy, but a lot can argue that the kiss in The Rise of Skywalker was definitely unearned.

For now, catch new episodes of The Acolyte now streaming on Disney+.


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