Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Get Free NES/SNES Game Every Month

Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Get Free NES/SNES Game Every Month

Last night Nintendo finally shared more details about their new console, the Nintendo Switch. Alongside announcing its price and release date, Nintendo also detailed a new online subscription service. This subscription service (via GameSpot) will be required to play online multiplayer and will be free to trial after the console’s launch until fall 2017. Users of the service will also get exclusive discounts on the Switch’s store. It is unclear at this time how much the online service will cost.

Although Nintendo didn’t dive too deeply into the Switch’s online functionality, it was revealed that there will be a smartphone application releasing in the summer that pairs with the online service. It will allow users to invite friends to scheduled game sessions games and communicate through the app. Another neat perk of the Switch’s online service is that users will get a free NES/SNES game each month. However, as detailed over on Nintendo’s website, it appears you’ll only get to play that game for a month. A statement on the site reads:

“Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Nintendo Entertainment System game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month.”

Another thing worth noting there is the mention of “newly-added online play.” Does this mean these classic NES/SNES games will have some sort of online functionality baked into them? If so, it seems counter intuitive then to take those games away from subscription users after a month. Both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold services allow users to keep the free games offered every month for as long as they remain a subscriber. This seeming confirmation that NES/SNES games are playable on the Switch is cool, but the rationale behind the window of accessibility is baffling.

In addition to this online service, Nintendo also announced what first and third party games will be available on the Switch come launch. We also got a look at a new Mario game coming (potentially) later in the year.

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