Supergirl Takes Off in Season 2 Teaser & Images

Supergirl Takes Off in Season 2 Teaser & Images

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The wait for the Girl of Steel’s return is nearly over; in four weeks Supergirl Season 2 debuts on The CW.  To mark the occasion, the network has released a teaser video, and a host of new images.

[youtube id=”7Ie6YheaDQY”]

The images give us our first official extended look at Season 2. They’re all from the premiere (The Adventures of Supergirl) and episode two (The Last Children of Krypton).

There are a few things to note in the images. For starters, it seems like our earliest introduction to the Man of Steel in the Season 2 premiere will be him as Clark Kent. He’s seen in CatCo with Kara and Jimmy Olsen, where he’ll presumably meet Cat Grant for the first time. Cat’s made reference to Clark in the past in one of her many digs at the Daily Planet. If and when the two do meet, there will likely be a few clever and snide remarks made at Clark Kent’s expense.

The images of Supergirl seemingly stopping someone’s car makes it look as though the cousins are having a ‘who’s the strongest match’. Although, they could be duking it out… or trying to stop an evil fiend who just so happened to place a car between them.

Some of the other photos give us our first look at the DEO as it will appear on The CW. Their new headquarters will likely be explained by an attack or some government troubles the team experienced while the show was away.

Speaking of the DEO, we also get a glimpse of Superman and Hank Henshaw together. In the past, Hank has noted that Supes found it funny the Martian was unable to read his mind. Here’s to hoping that will be expanded upon further in Season 2. However, based on the pictures above, the two aren’t looking very friendly. What has them at odds, if they are indeed butting heads, will probably be revealed during the season’s second episode. Until then, let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

Supergirl Season 2 begins airing Monday, October 10 on The CW.

Images: The CW


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