Strangers 2 Trailer Has Released & Is Just As Scary As We’d Hoped

Strangers 2 Trailer Has Released & Is Just As Scary As We’d Hoped

The Strangers was one of the most terrifyingly epic horror movies of the last 30 years. Now nearly a decade old, the film returns with its extremely anticipated sequel, Strangers 2: Prey At Night – and the teaser trailer is here to do its job. All we have to say is that you’ll never listen to Tiffany’s 80’s pop song “I Think We’re Alone Now” the same way ever again.

The initial release date for Strangers 2: Prey at Night was last December, but obviously that never came to fruition. The official date of release looks like it will be March 9th, 2018, and while no official trailer has been set yet, we can’t wait to get our tickets. If Strangers 2: Prey at Night is as frightening as the 1-minute teaser trailer suggests, it may be even more intense than the original.

The film was co-written by the original director, Bryan Bertino, although Johannes Roberts directed the sequel. Strangers 2 will star Christina Hendricks, Lewis Pullman, Martin Henderson and Bailee Madison. Rumors had swirled for a time that Liv Taylor may return for a small role, but outside of a flashback or the film being a prequel, it’s unlikely.

It’s going to be interesting to see how fans react to Prey at Night since it’s been so long from the time when the original hit theatres nearly 10 years ago. To get the first look at the movie, watch the short trailer here:




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