Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 6 and the Lessons He Hopes Oliver Has Learned

Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 6 and the Lessons He Hopes Oliver Has Learned

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Arrow has been on air for five successful seasons now, and renewed for a sixth, it shows no signs of its popularity waning. Fans packed out the Heroes and Villains FanFest at the weekend in London, most hoping to listen to Arrow star, Stephen Amell, discussing his work on the show, and what he might like to see in season 6. The actor didn’t disappoint, covering all topics from musicals to his time on Ninja Warrior. If you haven’t caught that appearance yet, you can check it out here.

“They put everything across water,” Amell said when asked if he enjoyed his run on the course. “And if you want to know what that’s like, walk across a balance beam that’s two inches off the ground, you’ll zip across it. Do the same thing over water, and you’ll panic, because you think you’re gonna fall in. So it was great. I got pretty far, but if you see it, you’ll see me (tap) my arm before the third obstacle. That’s because I thought I’d torn my bicep off of the bone. I couldn’t feel anything. So all things considered, I think it went pretty well.”

For Amell, though, the worst part perhaps came after the event, when he had to film a scene on Arrow where Oliver was carrying Felicity, played by Emily Bett Rickards. Since she was supposed to be unconscious, she was therefore unable to help bear her own weight, and Amell had to film it all with exceptionally sore arms. Rickards crashed Amell’s panel, much to the delight of the crowds, and the pair took a few questions together, the first one being whether we could ever see Arrow following in the footsteps of The Flash, and delivering a musical episode.

“Nooo, no, no, no,” Amell laughed. He then added that Rickards is actually a good singer, and asked her if she would ever appear in a musical episode of any of the other CW shows (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, etc).

“Yeah. As long as John Barrowman was there, then yeah, I’d do it.”

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The pair also discussed what they’d like to see in a feature-length, big-budget episode, if they could have their way.

Amell: “I would like to use every single character who’s been important, across the entire history of the show. I’d like to put them all in a situation where they all have to work together.”

Rickards: “And Batman!”

Amell: “And Batman, of course. Played by Robbie Amell. That’d be awesome.”

As if on cue, Robbie Amell appeared on the stage as Rickards departed; the Bat Signal must be strong. While he didn’t hang about, he did get his cousin to reveal that principal photography starts on Code 8 this week. The feature-length movie is an adaptation of the sci-fi short film of the same name from 2016, and after voicing a police drone in the short, Stephen Amell will star this time around.

Finally, Amell had his say on what he hopes for Oliver in season 6. Stating that he thinks he could be a really good father, if he just learns to relax a little, Amell also said that he’d like to see some lessons learned:

“Oliver has to have learned lessons (for season 6). He has to know that’s not the right way. If we’re still doing that, after everything that’s happened this year, people are going to be like ‘Well, he’s never going to learn,’ and they’re probably going to change the channel. The theme of season 6 is family. Season 5 was legacy, season 6 is family.”

Given that everyone Oliver loved or cared for is now dead, it sounds as though he might just rethink his priorities a little more, and the Oliver we see in season 6 could be a changed man.

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