Stark Industries Xbox One is Team Iron Man

Stark Industries Xbox One is Team Iron Man

There only exists three of the super limited edition console, which honors the release of Captain America: Civil War, but at least fans can ogle it in utter admiration. It is a sexy piece of technology. The Stark Industries redesign features Tony’s Arc Reactor in a lovely blue that perfectly accentuates the console’s electric white casing.


Stark Industries Xbox One


Even the Xbox One controller received an awesome overhaul, with the Stark Industries’ logo splayed across it and a mini-arc reactor where the Xbox logo typically sits. Wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft put at least that on the market?


Stark Xbox One Redesign


Stark Industries Xbox Controller


This begs the question of if we will see a white Iron Man suit à la Superior Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.


White Iron Man suit in Superior Iron Man
Courtesy of Marvel


Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out. We may not be getting our hands on this pristine Stark redesign of the Xbox One, but there will be plenty of Iron Man to go around once Civil War hits US theaters on May 6. Now if only PlayStation would make a Captain America-inspired PS4 for Team Cap. Does this lovely box make you rethink your Team Cap or Team Iron Man decision? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.


Images: Microsoft (Stark Industries)

Source: Eurogamer


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