Star Wars’ Rian Johnson Thinks Fanservice is a Mistake

Star Wars’ Rian Johnson Thinks Fanservice is a Mistake

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The first reviews for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are coming out, and a lot of people are saying that it’s a ret-con of what Rian Johnson brought to the table with The Last Jedi. While this is sure to please half the fanbase, the other half who loved TLJ are kind of bummed that J.J. Abrams would go in that kind of direction. What’s interesting is, Rian Johnson himself has something to say about catering to the fans when it comes to movies.

He tells on the Swings & Mrs. Podcast:

“I think approaching any creative process with [making fandoms happy] would be a mistake that would lead to probably the exact opposite result… Even my experience as a fan, you know if I’m coming into something, even if it’s something that I think I want, if I see exactly what I think I want on the screen, it’s like ‘oh, okay,’ it might make me smile and make me feel neutral about the thing and I won’t really think about it afterwards, but that’s not really going to satisfy me.”

Johnson continues to say that he wants to be ‘surprised’ and ‘thrown off-guard’ when it comes to watching films, and that’s kind of what The Last Jedi did to fans. What was unexpected though, was that a huge chunk of the fanbase would actively hate the film, and won’t stop talking about it online for years.

If anything, the Star Wars fanbase is admittedly filled with enough kooks that you can expect this kind of backlash regardless of the quality of the film. In any case, a lot of people agree that Abrams’ ‘ret-con’ of The Last Jedi is still debatable, and the movie pretty much follows the tone of what TLJ was going for. I guess all we can really do is wait and see until the movie comes out.

Catch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when it hits theaters Dec. 20.


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