Star Wars: Mark Hamill to Kelly Marie Tran Haters; ‘Get a Life Nerds’

Star Wars: Mark Hamill to Kelly Marie Tran Haters; ‘Get a Life Nerds’

Darkness rises… and Light to meet it.” It was just recently that Kelly Marie Tran (Rose from The Last Jedi) had deleted her Instagram account following months of harassment from Star Wars fans. In what seems like an amazing turn, the move has sparked a huge outcry in the fanbase, and people from all over the net are seeking to eradicate the toxicity that has plagued the fandom.

Countless tributes have been going out to Tran online, and some of them have even been coming from celebrities. Tran’s The Last Jedi co-star Mark Hamill also had something to say to all the Rose haters:

Ever since The Last Jedi came out, a lot of criticism has called Rose a ‘useless’ character in the film. What’s more, people are tagging Rose a hypocrite for stopping Finn’s sacrifice at the end.

However, the fandom seems to have taken on a different face. It’s been wave after wave of support for Tran. Fans are even trying to apologize for the way other stars like Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, and even Alden Ehrenreich have been treated.

It’s great to see the more positive Star Wars fans step out of the shadows, and hopefully this could lead to a big step in erasing the toxicity (maybe permanently) in the fanbase.


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