SPOILERS: This Avenger is Killed by Another Avenger in ‘Civil War II’

SPOILERS: This Avenger is Killed by Another Avenger in ‘Civil War II’

Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War and Civil War II lie within


Many fans were surprised when a superhero didndie in this year’s Captain America: Civil War. Though War Machine was left badly injured, he was on his way to recovery by the end of the movie. Marvel‘s sequel to the original comic book story arc Civil War II is pulling no such punches, however. In the latest issue of the comic, one long-standing member of The Avengers bites the bullet, thanks to one of his allies. This is your last chance to look away before we spoil it for you. OK, here goes…

As first revealed by NY Daily News, it is none other than Bruce ‘The Incredible Hulk’ Banner who is shockingly killed off in Civil War II #3. And who is responsible for the deed? Only fellow Avenger Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton. Say it ain’t so!

While Banner definitely is dead (well, for the time being, at least), there is a perfectly in-character reason for Hawkeye’s attack. As always, Bruce feared he would turn into the Hulk and cause untold casualties. To prevent this, he entrusted Clint with a special hulk-busting arrow. Unfortunately, in the latest issue of the story arc, the time comes to use it.

See how it happens below:

Civil War II
Image via Marvel Comics

“This is uncharted territory for us,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “Only two things are for certain: it will take a long, long time for our heroes to come to terms with his loss, and the circumstance surrounding his death will leave a huge scar on the superhero community.”

“Fans may be outraged, and there are probably ‘Hawkeye’ writers who I’m very good friends with who will also be offended,” elaborated the series’ writer, Brian Michael Bendis. “But the point is that everything that happens in this issue is in character when you discover the hows and whys and wheres.”

Civil War II #3 is available in all comic book stores now. The next exciting installment is out on July 27.

Images via Marvel Comics.


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