Spider-Man: Far from Home Set Photo Reveals Suit Inspired by Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man: Far from Home Set Photo Reveals Suit Inspired by Spider-Man Noir

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Spider-Man: Far from Home is currently undergoing production, but so far, we know very little about the film except for the fact that Peter Parker won’t be in the US, and Mysterio is the main villain. Some new set photos, however, give us a look at an alternate costume for Spider-Man.

Check it out:

Another look at Spider-Man’s new suit. Credit to @thedailyspidey on Twitter. from r/marvelstudios


At first glance, it looks like the Spider-Man Noir suit; but I think it’s also possible that this is supposed to be an homage to the black symbiote outfit. Sony’s Venom won’t have anything to do with Spider-Man, so I would be fine if they found a different way to have Peter all in black.

Some could think that this was a piece of Stark tech, but I would be happy if this was another costume that Peter wrangled up himself. While I do love the comic accurate Spider-Man outfit, I think it’s pretty great how Peter went through the climax wearing the original homemade suit he fashioned before Tony Stark found him.

For now, we shouldn’t be expecting too many official updates with Far from Home seeing that the movie is set to come out in July of next year. Marvel Studios is currently working on promotion for Captain Marvel, and after that Avengers 4.

It’s going to be one packed year for promos.

Though we won’t get that much big reveals for Far from Home, I’d be happy if we can get a look at the new suit and the villain. July is a long ways to do, but I think Marvel should try to keep us updated on all ongoing films. After all, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 did end up getting indefinitely delayed.

Spider-Man: Far from Home comes out July 5, 2019.


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