Spider-Man: Far from Home Set Photos Show Off New Alex Ross Inspired Suit

Spider-Man: Far from Home Set Photos Show Off New Alex Ross Inspired Suit

So far, set photos from Spider-Man: Far from Home have given us a look at the classic Stark suit as well as a Spider-Man Noir-inspired stealth suit, but now a new image that’s leaked online gives a us a brand new picture of a whole new Spider outfit that looks to be inspired by an old redesign of Alex Ross.

Check it out:

Ross himself was also quick to notice the resemblance and even shared a post comparing the new suit to his work:

While the suit still maintains a lot of classic elements like the eyes and the tiny spider logo, it also drops all the blue from the outfit for more black. We also get a white spider logo on the back, which I think is either a nod to the Spider-Man PS4 game or a teaser to the all-black symbiote suit from the comics. We know that they changed the suit’s origin for Venom, so it’s possible that they may want to change the origin of Peter Parker’s suit for the MCU.

You’ll notice that the scene being shot here also has Spider-Man alongside Zendaya’s Michelle/MJ. Though nothing romantic really happened with them in Homecoming, I’m making a guess that they’ll come together with this sequel. Then again, rumors are going around that Gwen Stacy will be appearing in this movie as well, so Peter may be finding himself in a love triangle.

That’s my guess anyway.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 5, 2019.


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