Songbird Trailer Asks, ‘What If We had 4 More Years of COVID-19?’?’

Songbird Trailer Asks, ‘What If We had 4 More Years of COVID-19?’?’

We had just gotten our first stills for the Michael Bay-produced COVID dystopia Songbird, and just now STXfilms has decided to drop the first trailer for the movie.

Watch this:

Here’s the official description:

In the terrifying thriller SONGBIRD, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. Infected Americans are ripped from their homes and forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones, from which there is no escape, as a few brave souls fight back against the forces of oppression. Amid this dystopian landscape, a fearless courier, Nico (KJ Apa), who’s immune to the deadly pathogen, finds hope and love with Sara (Sofia Carson), though her lockdown prohibits them from physical contact. When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races desperately across the barren streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that can save her from imprisonment … or worse.

As you can see, the film is a ‘what if’ scenario which asks what would the word be like if we never got to solve the pandemic. While some people were hoping that things would have blown over last June, COVID-19 is still around, and we’re still not remotely close to an end.

Admittedly, a lot of people are reacting to the movie negatively, saying that Songbird is capitalizing on a global calamity. Some are even comparing the release of the film to making a movie about 9/11 while they were still cleaning up Ground Zero.

If you ask me, this is actually the most effective time to release the film. It’s a movie that is addressing something that we are all currently going through, and the meta nature of the plot is what makes Songbird a different level of scary. I mean, it might even scare anti-mask people who are denying the existence of a pandemic by showing us what society could look like if we don’t all cooperate to handle the virus now.

Then again, that’s just my opinion.

No release date has been set for Songbird.


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