Solo A Star Wars Story: There are No Concrete Plans for the Sequels Yet

Solo A Star Wars Story: There are No Concrete Plans for the Sequels Yet

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It’s been known for a while that Alden Ehrenreich has signed on to play Han Solo for three more films. Fans immediately received this news thinking that Lucasfilm was already planning a trilogy for their new Han. However, according to director Ron Howard, it actually isn’t the case.

Talking to Fandango, Howard explains:

“I think the fans are going to define all of that. I mean I think that Lucasfilm and Disney in casting actors, and particularly younger actors, want to see what happens and build upon that. Certainly, they want the commitment from the young actors, but there are no concrete plans. I think there’s been a lot of creative energy and now marketing energy going behind this movie.”

With the way everyone involved with the film is saying that the Larry Kasdan’s script for Solo is amazing, we could be looking at another potential trilogy for Star Wars. But fans online are still waiting for Ehrenreich to prove himself as the rightful successor to Han Solo.

They should remember that Howard previously said that casting Han really wasn’t about doing a spot-on copy of Harrison Ford. So did former directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. It’s really more about getting the spirit of the character right. Sure Lucasfilm may be putting a lot of work into whoever would be playing Han Solo, but I bet Harrison Ford wasn’t too anal about it when he got the job way back in the 70s.

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25.


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