Sherlock Holmes 3 Delayed to 2021

Sherlock Holmes 3 Delayed to 2021

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Robert Downey Jr. maybe saying goodbye to the Marvel franchise with Avengers: Endgame, but he has a lot more work to do moving forward. Besides that Dr. Dolittle movie he’s working on, RDJ has said that he wanted to conclude the Sherlock Holmes franchise with a third movie. Bad news for fans since the film has been delayed.

Originally Sherlock Holmes 3 was set to come out December of 2020, but now The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the new release date is Dec. 22, 2021. We don’t have any specifics on why the film was delayed, but a story detail is that the movie will take place 10 years after the last one—the same gap between the last movie and this upcoming movie.

Most likely the delay is to make sure that everyone is free to work on the film. Guy Ritchie has directed the first two Holmes entries, so it’s only fitting that he would be asked to come back. RDJ is obviously onboard, and I’m sure Jude Law will be in this film as well.

With directors like James Gunn and Zack Snyder not being able to finish the trilogies that they had been working on since the start, I’m hoping that WB gives Ritchie a chance to finish his films. Admittedly he’s had some tumbles with Man from UNCLE and King Arthur, but those films were actually pretty good. Hopefully Aladdin gets Ritchie back on that horse.

Catch Sherlock Holmes 3 in theaters Dec. 22, 2021.


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