SDCC 2020 to Push Through as Virtual Comic-Con Event

SDCC 2020 to Push Through as Virtual Comic-Con Event

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A lot of people were bummed when it was announced that the San Diego Comic-Con wouldn’t be pushing through this year, but then again, every event has been cancelled thanks to COVID-19. What’s great is that, SDCC 2020 has found a work-around, and will be taking place online instead.

For the year 2020, the San Diego Comic-Con will be a virtual event. Here’s the announcement:

We don’t have that much details on the event as of now, but we can probably expect trailer reveals and interviews coming out online. WB has always been a solid showstopper when it comes to SDCC, and fingers crossed we also get updates from Marvel Studios; if I were to make a guess, I think we would see the first teaser for Eternals as well as Disney+ shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision.

For now, it’s unclear whether this virtual SDCC will come free for all, or will include exclusive content that you have to pay for. With everyone pretty bummed that Comic-Con isn’t happening at all, you would expect that the producers would just have the event free to watch. If anything, they can just make money on the ads they would be featuring; then again, that’s just my idea.

We don’t have a date for #ComicConAtHome yet, but hopefully we get an update soon. My guess is it will take place on the same weekend as the event was planned. Until we get an announcement, we should assume that SDCC 2020 will take place on its original set date, July 23–26.


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